Roseanne comes home.

The first season of one of the best TV shows evah, "Roseanne," has been released on DVD, and there was a party to celebrate! Lots of the cast appeared (though only one Becky—the real one), and, though we'd like to say something pithy, we must say that everyone looks pretty good and happy. And, D.J., how tall you've gotten!

Even multi-talentless actress Sarah Gilbert (OK, we succeeded)—who was perfect as Darlene (OK, we failed)—exudes radiance. The best part? Edie McClurg showed up! She may have been on "Roseanne," but she'll always remain nosy Hogan neighbor Mrs. Poole in our hearts.


Anonymous said...

Where was George Clooney?

ZRW said...

Is that dude on the right Crystal?

Michael said...

No, no, no. She'll always remain nosey Lawson neighbor Bonnie Brindle from Small Wonder!