We just wanted to note a momentous occasion: our first Portuguese reference. The NB is now international and, therefore, very glamorous. Here's what our new Portuguese friend had to say:

Hold no prisoners...

...é a expressão adequada para o estilo do excelente blog Nervous Breakdown. Escrito por um nova-iorquino, claro.

We had intern Silverio translate that to English:

Hold no prisoners... It is the appropriate expression for the style of excellent blog Nervous Breakdown. Writing for a New Yorker, clearly.

Clearly! But "excellent"? They must have some good drugs in Portugal. We think "nao engraçado" would be more correct. Or perhaps "muito aborrecido."

In any case, we do appreciate the "amor" and think that Portugal would be a very nice place to visit. We're glad we now have a place to stay for free.

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yade said...

"Claro" at the end of a sentence is an expression that portuguese use just like "of course" or "obviously". So, obviously(!), your blog is mentioned as a reference and, believe me, "Farpas e Bitaites" is also a reference portuguese blog. Now, try to keep the status!