28 gays later.

Imagine our puzzlement as we walked around Chelsea at 12.30 a.m. Saturday morning to see hordes of seemingly zombie-fied gays wandering the streets. Something appeared, well, off. Barracuda (yes, Barracuda—some friends insisted) was completely packed to the gills (pun most assuredly intended!). What could be happening? Wait, we did pass View Bar which was closed and had some strange government-issued sign on its doors. Hmmmm.

The gay, sorry, day after, we came across this bit of hilarity in the always hilarious NY Post. It seems that the cops clubbed Chelsea in the severely underworked legs and pretty much enforced armegay..., sorry, armegeddon. Some clubs, like Chelsea stalwart Splash, managed to re-open yesterday, but others, like former Limelight Avalon, managed to remain fag, sorry, closed.

Anyway, people, the clear moral of this story is that now that it's spring, please secure your illegal substances from New York City's most reliable and mobile source, Mr. Softee. Some of us want to dance. Thanx.

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