The 2005 Weblog Awards.

We totally forgot to tell you something very, very exciting.

The 2005 Weblog Award nominations were announced on Monday. The Weblog Awards are given to blogs of excellence in a multitude of different categories. This year, one Nervous Breakdown was eligible for Best Blog, Best New Blog, Best Humor/Comics Blog, Best Culture/Gossip Blog, Best LGBT Blog, Best American Blog and, theoretically, all the Ecosystem-based awards.

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It is with great pride and excitement that we announce that this blog, Nervous Breakdown, was nominated in none of those categories. We have always strove to provide below-average entertainment, and this lack of nominations endorses the mission we set out to complete. It is an honor not to be considered in the same league as any of the nominated blogs, whose readership of more than nine demands some inkling of quality in its media. All we can do now is promise more of the crappy, crappy edutainment you've gotten so used to here and swear that, as far as we're concerned, we'll never, ever be nominated for an award.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, and to celebrate this site's upcoming first birthday, we've decided to bring the mediocrity to the people by participating in a reading. If you're in NYC, come to P.S.122 next Tuesday, December 13 at 7.30pm for the monthly WYSIWYG Talent Show. We'll be presenting an original piece having something to do with the theme, "Something Jewy This Way Comes." We have no idea what we're reading, but we can assure you it will be humiliating. Tickets are a mere $7, and there are six other fabulous bloggers performing, as well. That's $1 a blogger—just under what they're actually worth. So come down and support unsolicited, uncensored self-publication. It'll be a hoot. The link has all the info you need. If you heckle, please use your inside voice. Thank you.

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