At least it has a good beat.

We got a little excited for a second—we LOVE that black guy who makes the sounds, and it's been SO LONG since #42. Alas...

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Speaking of black guys, our Lynx and Lamb post from a while back has inspired almost as much fervor as the gay Anthony Federov post. We're so glad anti-Nazism is running a close second to anti-speculating-that-someone-is-gay here. OK, so, speaking of black guys, we had a soldier/DJ leave a comment this morning. He's presently in Qatar and is keeping a blog of his experiences, which is pretty interesting, if only because we now know that we paid for the soldiers to have lobster, prime rib, turkey, ham and more for Thanksgiving. Not that they don't deserve it! Of course they do. It's just one more twist of the serrated knife that is this whole completely wasteful, dumb-ass war situation. Yes, we just called it dumb-ass. Because it is. Anyway, anyway, anyway, DJ Damon seems like a good, articulate guy, and it's pretty rad to read about the soldier experience from a DJ who streams Bloc Party videos from his blog. Yes, we just said "pretty rad." Because it is. Tackleberry.

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