Subways are for sharing #1.

Wow! The emails have begun to come in in record numbers! Let's begin with this one...
Dear Mr. NB,

My name is Maryann Selznick. I am 77! I have a memory to share. I remember a cold night... I think it was back on December 17, 2005, when I took the C train to the theater district to see Jersey Boys. Boy, was that a good night! Frankie Valli and mass transit. That's why I live in New York! I have tickets for Sweeney Todd tomorrow, and I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm certainly not getting in a cab with three strangers! Ach, it's Sondheim, anyway, so no matter.

Maryann Selznick
Upper West Side
Keep 'em comin', folks. Thanks!

Black and White Photograph of New York

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