Subways are for sharing #2.

Another New York memory...
Dear NB,

Oscar Rosenberg here. 68 years old. I don’t quite understand your site, but I saw your request for memories of the subway, so I asked myself, why not? You seem friendly enough.

I remember one holiday season way back in 2003, before some of you were born, when I had to get from East 86th Street to Union Square to meet an old friend for an afternoon at the movies (Jews go to the movies on Christmas, after all), and I took the 4 train. Boy, was it fast. A little crowded, but, back then, those trains were always crowded. It was the only line on the East Side, you know, but it still served its purpose. The 6 was local and the 4 and 5 were express. Union Square was only the third stop from 86th Street! Imagine that! Back then, it didn’t take five hours to go a few miles in the city. Nowadays, you’re lucky to make it to your movie before the end credits! It may be too oft repeated, but those were the days!

Oscar Rosenberg
Indeed, Oscar. Thank you for that wonderful memory.

Black and White Photograph of New York

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