That train is striking on you.

Transit strike, transit schmike. We're here and we're queer, and what doesn't kill us only makes us bloodier! So, happy Tuesday, everyone. NYC's quiet this morning, but the rest of the world is up and ready to go. So, let's go!

Here's a riddle: What's worse than getting the New Yorker?

Answer: Getting the "International Fiction" issue of the New Yorker.

Are you with me? Ladies? Babies? Striking people who push a "Forward/Reverse" button on a train from 1836?

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Michael said...

THANK YOU! When I told a Union-loving, mamby pamby friend of mine that their job basically consisted of pushing a button that says "Go" followed by another one that says "Stop," he accused me of "oversimplifying."

On further reflection, maybe I should get a button that says "Oversimplify."