To the dogs.

To those of you who braved the cold last night, thank you. To those of you who didn't, here's a sample of what you missed:

Your loss, obviously.


Chris said...

AIIIIE! I LOVED that picture!

You totally killed last night. Thanks for sharing all your pics -- I'm so glad the slide show worked out so well!

Michael said...

Your performance was legendary. I look forward to the sequel, "Exciting Tales of Amazing Adventure from Camp Coleman."

Lori said...

I second both comments :)

Creepy Chick/Dude said...

I was there. You smelled nice. Real nice. You were chewy, too. Jewy and chewy.

I keep playing that night over and over in my head, but it has a better ending. This time, I don't bite or cry or cut you, and our conflict is resolved via professional mediation.
Oh, then we kiss.