Merry merry!

Kids, we have some VERY exciting news. New York City, after three days of being without, will have subways once again! That's correct—everyone will now once again be able to experience what it's like to whoosh through subterranean passageways while those overhead pay for cabs or, god forbid, ride a bus. This is an incredibly momentous occasion for New York City and one that, had it happened eight months ago, surely would have net the city its first Olympics.

Thank you, seniors, for your memories today. We appreciated them very much.

We are done here for the weekend and quite possibly until next year. Please have happy holidays. Say hi to Santa for us. He's a huge fan. Well, just huge. Well, you know.

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Lori said...

A merry merry Christmas to one of my all-time favorite Jews!

Tom said...

Happy holidays to you, too!

I just hope that damn bird doesn't give the Baby Jesus the Avian Flu!