Project Friendster, episode 2.

Here's Chloe's Friendster profile. She's single, and she's interested in dating men, men! She likes tennis and reading. That's about it. Now, is it us, or are none of these peoples' occupations "fashion designer" yet, even though that's what they all list as "occupation." Our favorite pic? Easy...

Asians always have the most beautiful smiles.

Daniel F. seems to be profile-less, though we did find this guy. He likes the Doors, so if you see him at the apparently new University of Florida–Ft. Lauderdale campus, kill him.

Our favorite contestant, the pioneer of what we like to call mathshion, Diana, is single. She truthfully lets us know she's a student in fashion design. Thank you, Diana. She would like to meet "someone with a decent job who will marry me in three months and save me from financial independance," which is a clever callback to her "About Me" entry: "panicking about being financially independant in 3 months." We hope Diana finds who she's looking for and that he/she tells her how to spell "independent." After all, Di, you can't add the binomials of the letters of a word and make it into a hoodie if the word is spelled incorrectly. Fave pic? Obvs:

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