Nervous breakdown.

Friends, because we left intern Luang in charge of the calendar, we found out today that we're on a Laosian schedule. Meaning, the special occasion we thought occurred today actually occurred one week ago. Meaning, this site, Nervous Breakdown, along with lots of babies, had its first birthday LAST Friday. We had a big celebration all planned for today but were so dismayed by the fact that we'd missed the actual day that we threw the crinoline and confetti out the window along with Luang.


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First of all, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO US. That's in yelling voice because, honestly, this site began as a joke and turned into a much bigger one, one that has kind of gotten out of control. One that, truth be told, kind of runs the life of its diminutive editor. It was never supposed to be as such. We're yelling because, despite the questionable quality of the work, we did a lot of it, and we're fucking proud. What once was unrecorded wasted time has been documented day by day for one year. We busted our ass to make sure our deferred dreams could one day look back at what we decided to do instead. And that you, dear, beloved reader, could get an occasional laugh out of it all.

Which leads us to second of all. Second of all, thank you, however many of you there are, for stopping by occasionally or religiously to see what shiny new crap we've posted for your edutainment. It means the world to us. The interns, too! Well, those that can speak English. Well, not really the interns. But we all do appreciate your attention. You've made it all worth it. Kind of. No, really!

That said, we honestly don't know what the future holds for the NB. Our goal was to make it through a year. Now that we've achieved that, plus one week, we, like Britney, are at a crossroads. Shall we continue? Do we break down the Breakdown? We really do not know. Things have changed significantly in our non-NB life in the past weeks, and we're not sure how much time we can continue to devote to this franchise. That said, we're pretty sure we don't want to give it up entirely. What we can say right now is that we shall soldier on, though there may be less updates less often. We hope you will understand. On our end, we will strive to make those updates even crappier than before. It's all about compromise.


We hope you've enjoyed this year and week with us. We sure have enjoyed it with you. That's it for today. Have a good weekend. Be safe. Stay warm. Call us. BFF. SSOS. XOXOXOXOXOXO.

The entire NB staff

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Tom said...

Happy Birthday! And thanks for one craptacular year and a week! Best Wishes!

Chris said...

Thanks for all of the laughs. I love your site.

nato said...

hooray! youve been consistenly mediocre for a year now!

Lori said...

thanks for the infotainment!! Let NervyB live!

Creepy Chick/Dude said...

Due to this blog, I have been sober for one year and one week.

The rest is up to you. I have accepted what I cannot change and I cannot change this: My life is in your petite hands.

Your call: Pound or Play.


Jen said...

It's actually "Auf Wiedersehen."

But anyways...thanks for the laughs so far. Hope you don't give up because I need crap like this in my life.