Subways are for sharing #3.

Some memories prove to be more winsome...
Dear NB,

Once upon a time I'd take the N train from my apartment on East 59th Street to visit my daughter at her job at Pottery Barn in SoHo (she’d get me discounts—shhhhh!). No longer, of course. These days I spend lots of time alone in my apartment—my husband died several years ago, so I’m a widow. I mainly stare out the window and knit tiny scarves for my neighbor’s cat. My daughter doesn’t even visit anymore. She says getting a taxi is a nightmare and that it’s far too cold to walk. It’s true that the N train rarely came, but at least it came at all. It’s going to be a very lonely Christmas, indeed.

Sylvia Palomino
God bless, Sylvia.

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