My Jesus got a secret.

'Tis the season of giving, people. At least that's what we hear. From the interns. When we walk by their cubes. Cubicles. That's what we mean. One of our interns, Razkhan, actually suggested we do something called Secret Santa where everyone puts their name in a hat and we draw names and buy a gift for the person whose name we draw. Boy, when we stopped laughing we put Raz back on the first boat for wherever he came from. Isn't it bad enough having to buy gifts for people you know? Jesus. Like that wonderful Susan Powter said, Stop the insanity!

Alas, if you have alternative views (and we support alternative views most wholeheartedly) and do not work in a place where the barbaric ritual of Secret Santa is practiced, please click here and enjoy. Just call us when you unpack your 22oz. Yankee Candle Christmas Berries candle jar so we can laugh at you, not with you.

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