Watch us WYSIWYG.

We're taking a personal day today. Our hands are frozen to our face. We're typing this with our elbows. Impressive, huh?

Oh, here are the Golden Globe nominations. Big day for gays, including George Clooney. Not so much for gorillas and the women who love them.


Tonight is the big Jewy WYSIWYG Talent Show at which we'll be completely humiliating ourselves. So, if you haven't bought your $7 ticket already, go ahead and do so. The show's at P.S. 122 at 9th Street and First Avenue in New York's outrageously hip the East Village. It starts at 7.30pm and will be done by 9pm, at which point we'll either join you for drinks or jump off something very tall. L'chaim.

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Anonymous Assclown said...

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