Let's all not go to the movies.

We are quite proud to say that, as passionate movie lovers, we went to the movies five times this year, approximately two more times than we expected to. So, in order from most favorite to least favorite, here's our year-end movie list.

The NB's Top 5 2005 Movies

1)Mysterious Skin—easily the best on the list. Screw the cowboys—this was the gay-movie-directed-by-an-Asian of the year.
2)The Aristocrats—apart from a few clunker entries, this film was funny and fascinating.
3)Brokeback Mountain—"subtle" is different from "detached." And "Randy Quaid."
4)Batman Begins—and, eventually, ends.
5)Star Wars—Episode III: Revenge of the Sith—kudos to you, Lucas—you hoodwinked us three times.

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And now, more importantly, the first filmic "worst of" list of the year, from Dark Horizons.

And here's the top 10 most nitpicked movies of all time, whatever the fuck that means.

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