Things Jesus might smote.

Want to go on a retarded game show like "Deal or No Deal"? Talk to Mark Anthony DiBello, the "only recorded winner of autos on both 'Wheel of Fortune' and 'The Price Is Right.'" Oh, but first, make sure you believe in the Christ because "DPC Inc. reserves the right to reject any person(s) we judge as anti-Christian or destructive to life." Jesus. As if we haven't been rejected enough by assholes in collages.

(Oh. Sorry about the Jesus crack. Can you still help us get on "Lingo"?)


Anonymous said...

Hi see more about this sick perverted asshole:

He wants people to be acquainted more with 10 commandments that he himself doesn't practice:

What a typical hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Mark Anthony Dibello is a fraud and he's still out conning people after all these years. More on him and his latest escapade: