Dept. of Oh Now He's Fighting.

We appreciate the nay vote, JK, but where was this fire before November 2? Tomorrow could have been such an exciting day. As it is, it's yet another historical and spurrious waste of my money.

Stay tuned for NB's "Nonauguration Day" festivities, in which all the District hoo-ha is aggressively ignored and important news is highlighted. As we've learned from the president, if you ignore something, it doesn't exist. A good lesson, indeed.


jwfbean said...

Fabulous blog.

You know, as a straight guy who uses the word "fabulous", I recently noticed that all of my other straight friends eskew this word. They say, "fantastic" instead. Do you think its a homophobic thing?

The NB said...

Thanks, dude. I think that puts us at two readers. Awesome.

Yes, your friends are totally homophobic. They should be forced to join Prince Harry's Auschwitz entourage.

Ooh-an "Auschwitz Getaway" is totally the new weekend-at-a-spa. Fabulous!