Tsunominally in trouble.

So NB missed this whole thing probably because it a) happened on Saturday, during the Blizzard of '05® and b) it involved a radio station, and what's a radio station? Anyway, the NYC radio station WQHT, or, Hot 97, features a morning show called "Miss Jones in the Morning." Last week, this show ran a self-produced parody of "We Are the World" targeting the recent tsunami disaster. The phrases "screaming chinks" and "little Chinamen" were employed as lyrics, and the Yonkers-based Asian Media Watch took the station to task for its "repeated racist attitudes." The station then posted an apology on its Web site and the show's seven-member staff agreed to donate a week's salary to tsunami-relief efforts.

So, for your perusal, enjoyment, horror, links to articles, apologies, screaming Chinks involved in this mess:
  • The NY Post report, from Saturday's edition.
  • The "Miss Jones in the Morning" official statement regarding the parody song.
  • The song itself, which is preceded by an argument between the crew of the morning show and personality Miss Info, an African-Asian member of the show.
The bottom line is that, while NB thinks there's laughter in others' severe distress and pain, this parody song sounds like something a retarded two-year-old created whilst taking a bath with distracting floaty toys. It's horrifically terrible.

In summation, then, this one def goes to the Yonkers-based screaming Chinks and little Chinamen.

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