Globetrotting 7:17pm

Whilst trying to find information on Robin Williams's extremely tan, extremely medicated son, this was found. J'adore Mme. Doubtfire.

Joan Rivers isn't even pretending to know who anyone is, especially the blacks.

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Ian said...

I met Robin WIlliams' son. And yes, the dude is constantly tweaking (he must have found the leftover 3 or 4 kilos his dad abdicated in 1987). I actually talked to him (read: was cornered by him) for about an hour at one of our lavish NYU portfolio journalism penthouse parties. He and his dad are friends with Lillian Ross. This is the same party at which I propositioned Lillian to climb my professor's penthouse roof ladder up to the water tower, for a better view of the city. she said she didn't have the right shoes.