Mediocre, at best.

In honor of that familiar level of non-achievement, here's a salute to mediocrity.
  • This guy claims to be able to cure you of your "failure-itis." However, mediocrity and failure differ in that failure is occasionally noteworthy. He's clearly never had failure-itis.
  • Here are a few quotes about mediocrity. They are mostly mediocre.
  • Humanity Quest's page promises loads of information about mediocrity. It fails to deliver. I have submitted the location of my apartment to the "Maps" page.
  • There seems to be tons of sports mediocrity, but fuck sports.
  • Here's a Bill Kauffman article about "Cultivating Mediocrity." It's about mediocrity in terms of government-subsidized arts. Let us know if it's worth reading.
  • For good to mediocre girl-on-girl action, check out this list of "Good to Mediocre films with Lesbian Themes/Scenes." Pervs.
  • Finally, mediocrity personified.

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