Queen of the Talentlesszons.

This little tidbit of an interview with Star Jones Reynolds went under the radar yesterday, or, at least, under my radar, which is a barely working 1973 Eastern bloc radar. Anyway, regarding the hosting of the E! red-carpet special, our newlywed and positive role model to women everywhere had this to say about working with Kathy Griffin (courtesy of MSNBC.com, courtesy of the Associated Press):

"Do not relate me to her coverage. I had nothing to do with her being there," Jones Reynolds said. "I'm not going to take responsibility for anything she said or did. It's so not me, it's not my style."

She's so right. It's so totally not her style. Her style is more, well...

"Do not say anything mean against Nicole. She is my queen of the glamazons."

Your ball, Griffin.

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