You're a Nazi, Harry!

Here's a list, thanks to Canada's CTV, of Prince Harry's other, non-Nazi, indiscretions, as well as a tidbit on the Nazi one:
  • In 2002, revelations came out that Harry smoked marijuana several times and got drunk at parties (while underage) that he held at Prince Charles's Highgrove country estate.
  • In October, Harry was involved in a brawl outside a London nightclub in which a press photographer was injured. The photographer contended that Harry lashed out at him without provocation.
  • Last month, Harry came under fire for his relationship with Chelsy Davy—a South African whose father is a millionaire landowner and is reported to have links with Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe.
  • Wednesday's incident occurred two weeks before the Queen is due to lead the country's holocaust memorial events. Queen Elizabeth is set to host a reception for holocaust survivors on Jan. 27 before attending the Holocaust Memorial Day national commemoration at London's Westminster Hall.
Regarding the Nazi incident, the Simon Wiesenthal Center has urged Prince Harry to "accompany the British delegation on January 27 to the Auschwitz death camp to commemorate 60 years since liberation." Sounds fair, but, please, Harry, for the love of God, don't suggest taking a train.

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