I know I can make it through.

NB absolutely adores the Degrassi: the Next Generation. It is, in our humble guesstimation, must-see TV. Here are some juicy tidbits aboot what's in store for our fave Canadians, eh?

Beginning February 18, we Americans will get four new episodes courtesy of Noggin. The first one is called "Neutron Dance," and it's about Ashley taking over ex-boyfriend Craig's band. Word has it that Craig will have to pick either the band or Ashley, easily trumping Sophie's choice in weight and importance. Also, we totally love how every Degrassi episode is named for some '80s song that's certainly unfamiliar to anyone on the show and most anyone watching the show. It's a little reminder that the writers are really so completely writing the show for people like me. Awesome.

According to canada.com, Jay and Silent Bob will be guest-starring in an upcoming episode, to which we say, eh.

Here's a page where you can download stuff, like a Manny screensaver or a Hazel IM icon. Hot, eh? Unfortunately, the rad season 3 printable T-shirt iron-ons are nowhere to be found, at least not in the 45 seconds we spent looking for them.


nycmcc said...

um, we NEED to talk. Degrassi has been an obsession of mine since I watched the original series in the '80s on channel 13!!! And "The Next Generation" blows me away!!! Do you wanna borrow my 'locker stickers' from the first season DVD??

Maree said...

On a random search for the iron on downloads, I had a hard time finding the link until I googled it a little more deeply. If you go to the n website, the downloads are under the games and quizzes area, just look around in there.
Hope you still wanted it! :o)