Useful math.

Do you know what this calculates?

Click here to find out, though you may want to wait until after January 24, if you make it through January 24.


Anonymous said...

Dear Nervy,

I was going to post a response to the bad-mouthing of cats and southerners in recent entries, but i am just too depressed about monday to do so now. thanks, nervy! ps - as your only reader, shouldn't a get a share of the pills?

but really, the southern piece was great; it sounds just like it was written by a bitter new york jew!

The NB said...

Dear Anonymous,

I appreciate the kind, albeit nameless, comment. As for the pills, I may ingest my full supply between now and the 24th, what with the Blizzard of '05® coming tomorrow, so I can't help you there. Try Honduras.