He's a blogging maniac.

Celeb blogs are just the bee's knees of Internetia. They're especially charming when attached to a vanity project. Take, for instance, Zach Braff's Garden State blog (wait—did we say "celeb"? Bloops.). It's full of non-information about Mr. Braff and all the awards, accolades, ass-kissings his movie has received. A definite highlight is Braff's list of new year's resolutions:

Smell the Rosens!? Floss everything but my teeth!? HI-larious. It's much funnier than when Mr. Braff was the electrical engineer on the first show I ever did in New York City in 1998.

Anyway, for another opinion of Garden State, here's Ruthless Reviews's Matt Cale's worst films of 2004. NB adores Matt Cale, even if he does knock a movie with Mo'nique in it.

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