Headlines soar and fly high and soar.

Here's the inevitable list of all the incredibly creative headlines/phrases declaring The Aviator's Oscar nomination triumph:
  • "The Aviator flies into the lead" -The Financial Times
  • "Aviator soars" -The New York Daily News
  • "The Aviator lands 11 Oscar nominations" and "The Aviator soars among the" Oscar hopefuls" -USA Today
  • "Oscar gave wings to The Aviator on Tuesday" -CNN
  • "Aviator flies high" -Variety
  • "Aviator buzzes Oscar nods," "Howard Hughes wouldn't want to wash his hands of this affair—not with 11 Oscar nominations at stake," and "The Aviator flew high" -E! online (so ambitious!)
  • "The Aviator flies high in Oscar noms" -di-ve.com
  • "The Aviator flies away with 11 Oscar nominations" -San Jose Mercury News
  • "Aviator flies to top of Oscar Nominations" -Scotsman.com
  • "Aviator flies high as 2005 Academy Award noms announced" -The Mediadrome
  • "Aviator lands 11" -The LA Times
  • "Aviator soars ahead in Oscar race" -Washington Post
  • "The Aviator soars over Oscar nominations" -TurkishPress.com
  • "Aviator on an Oscar flight" -The Times UK
  • "The Aviator flying high" -CBS News
  • "The Aviator soars" -FOX News
  • "Aviator soars with 11 Oscar noms" -ExtraTV.com
  • "Four blacks receive Oscar nods; Foxx gets two" -BET.com

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