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Because it's going to be a slow day here at NB, here's a post full of themed deliciousness...

It goes without saying that NB is a huge fan of Lawrence Welk and the Welk family. The DVR records the Saturday night showings, which are hosted by the still-living members of the Welk family. It's especially wonderful wonderful when the lovely JoAnn Castle treats us to a rip-roaring piano number and the not-gay Tom Netherton melts our hearts with his resonant baritone. Here, then, is a link to Welknotes, the largest Lawrence Welk fan site out there. It has pictures, stories, links to other Welk sites and more (if you can find it). Even before you start exploring, you're welcomed by the huge, flaming, Welknotes banner. Don't let it scare you—the fire seems to be because of the word "hottest" and probably has nothing to do with hell or gay. Enjoy!

As well, there are three Welk resorts in the United States. One is in Branson, Missouri, of course, and the others are in San Diego and Palm Springs, California. The Branson resort would be NB's first choice of Welk resorts to visit, or so it was thought until some research via the invaluable Trip Advisor was done. Perhaps, from these excerpts of two guest reviews, you'll notice a theme:
  • When we arrived to our room, my 4 year old son pulled the curtains back to see the view of the swimming pool near our room which was 121, he backed away from the window and said "Daddy a snake", so I went to the window thinking the snake was on the grass outside the room between the window and the pool, wrong!!! As soon as I got near the window and pulled back the right side of the curtain the snake lunged to bite between and me and my son (unsuccessfull thank god) from where he was sitting on the window sill IN OUR ROOM!!!
  • We got back to our room after 11pm and went to bed. In the middle of the night about 5 am I woke up to use the bathroom, I did not notice anything in there at first but as I was walking toward the door to leave I seen one of the 2 snakes turn around and move back the other direction, I freaked out there were 2 small snakes in that bathroom, they looked young but a snake is a snake and it scared the daylights out of me, my fiance he tried to ring the front desk but no person would answer, my guess is that they were probably sleeping on the job.
There's not a third of this ilk, which is really too bad, but there are only seven reviews. Still, another is titled, "Total Disappointment," so perhaps a trip to the Welk resort in Branson is not such a good idea. Still, there's nowhere in Branson closer to the Champagne Theatre, so if you're not afraid of snakes or total disappointment, check in!

Finally, enjoy this link to the Stars of the Lawrence Welk Show site. You can find out all sorts of information about your favorite Welk stars, including where they're performing and if they're still living. It's chock full of pics, too!

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