Sylvia Browne (or "Brown" if you work at MSNBC.com), psychic, has made her predicitions for 2005. You know Sylvia—she's the one who predicted the Jennifer Aniston/Brad Pitt breakup on a Montel Williams show taped on December 8th but not yet aired.

Now, we wanted to see how her 2004 predictions held up, but, "surprisingly," a Google search turns up no straightforward information. Not only that, in some cases she had John Kerry winning the election and not in others. I'm no psychic, but I envision a reason for this information not being available.

Here are Sylvia's predictions for the next 100 years. Most enjoyable: "Third floor of houses have rollback roofs to allow Hovercrafts to come and go." It's about fucking time.

To sum up, then: much like southern hospitality, psychics don't exist.

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