Belated thanks.

Good morning.

We really must thank Dolly Parton, whom we saw in concert for the second time this year Sunday night. When we saw her months ago at Radio City, the show was less than stellar, thanks to a few misguided numbers, a faulty microphone and an outrageously boring costume. We wrote a post about it following the concert. You can search for it if you want. We don't have the time. Or strength.

Anyways, on Monday night, while the show still wasn't as good as it could have been, Dolly made some excellent choices. Instead of a skin-colored outfit, she was in a turquoise and silver sparkly number which nicely showed off her still good-lookin' legs. As well, she got rid of her "Hello, God" encore and instead sang "Imagine." Admittedly, "Imagine" isn't much better, but it's about peace and not God, and we'll take that any day. The wholly unfunny "PMS Blues" was thankfully replaced by the pleasant "Where Have All the Flowers Gone." And, best of all, in between "Tennessee Mountain Home" and "Coat of Many Colors," Dolly added a special treat: a resplendant version of our favorite song from Halos & Horns, "These Old Bones." Quite frankly, it was worth seeing her again just to hear that song. Finally, we wholly enjoyed the gay man running around and yelling "ARREST THAT MAN! ARREST THAT MAN!" upon our departure from the amphitheatre. A concert is not a concert without a screaming queen trying to lay down the law on no one in particular.

All in all, a big improvement over our first Dolly concert experience. Thank you, Dolly. We will always love you. Have some leftover turkey on us. Dol-licious!

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