Your Heiress Diary #3.

Page 105 has sections for your favorite books and your favorite TV shows. The "books" section is, obviously empty, but Paris has helpfully filled out the first entry of the "TV" section for you. In pink writing, it says, "The Simple Life." Oh, Paris, how did you know? We did get a look at the specs for Nicole Richie's Your Adopted Diary, and her "TV" section is blank. We prefer that, to be honest. Our inner Heiress would never watch "The Simple Life." Nor would she read Confessions of an Heiress, but apparently neither would Paris herself. What did we write in the "Books" and "TV" sections? For "Books," we have Roots and The Thorn Birds, and for "TV," we have "The Thorn Birds." What do you have, readers?

On the opposite side of the page is a pic of Paris holding Confessions of an Heiress (the book she couldn't be bothered to write in to "MY FAVORITE BOOKS:" for you. Oh, and there's another Paris pearl of wisdom:

"The best thing to wear to a film festival is a dress no one has ever worn."

Obviously. We always wear new dresses to film festivals. ALWAYS. We wouldn't want to be caught dead in ANYTHING Sofia Coppola might have draped on her small, Oscar-nominated body. Or have had draped. It's all about new dresses for film festivals. All about them.

Readers, what's the last film festival you went to, and what did you wear? There's no space in the diary for such information, but we're curious. Maybe we saw you there? The last one we were at was the Marrakech Film Festival. We were in a classic mini-tunic with emerald silk piping and matching fez. It was darling. Just darling.

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