Thank you, Anthony Federov.

Who? you may be asking yourself. Who, indeed. Mr. Federov was a contestant on the last round of "American Idol." He was also the subject of a February 23 post here. The post speculated that, because of a pic of a tank-topped Anthony riding a horse, he's definitely gay.

As well, and because of the aformentioned speculation, the post now has a whopping NB-record-setting 30 comments, mostly along the lines of these two samples:
Anonymous said...

how does he look gay in these pics....he looks f*ckin hott, i dont kno where u see fag, but i can see nerd(big time, but who says nerds r gay?) well i guess that your peoples opinions!

Love Always

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God. HE IS NOT GAY. YOU only want him to be gay so you can be gay with him!!! YOU ARE SUCH A FAG. SO JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO FUCK YOUR DAD YOU FRUCK TRUCH. GOD! THAT MAKES ME SO FUCKING MAD!!! ARGH!! I love Anthony, more than you will ever know, so even if he is sparkly club attire that would turn me ON. SO JUST SHUT THE FUCKING HELL UP and quit dissing him, because he rocks my sexy socks off, and you can just go kiss his sexy Ukrainian ASS! AND my natural born Irish ass for all I fucking care! GOD.

Well, needless to say, we l-o-v-e these comments. And we have only the very, very, very gay Anthony Federov to thank for them.

So, thank you, Anthony Federov. You encourage the voice of the masses. For that, why not have some turkey on us? De-luxe!


Unknown said...

Ha! That was awesome...Do you think he has gayface?

Chris said...

Ha, I think he's just being Czech.