Live bait.

Before we sign off for the day, we'd like to help you out with your holiday shopping. The holiday season is nigh, dear friends, and each year it seems to get harder and harder to find that special something for the pervert fisherman in your family. Act now, and you could be the hit of the holidays with an understated Women in Waders calendar...

Unfortunately, the reasonably priced $12.95 calendar is backordered, but if you place your order now, chances are you'll have it in time for Christmas or Chanukah (Chanukah begins on Christmas this year, Jews, so do not fret). AND, if Women in Waders doesn't catch your eye (pun absolutely intended!), you can also order Women in Chaps, Beauty and the Bass, Guns and Camo and Babes and Billiards calendars for the other terrifying yet active men in your family. Ladies, don't ever say the NB hasn't been there for you when it comes to pleasing your gents (we do know a thing or two about that, for sure!). Enjoy!

Tomorrow, get ready for the second installment of the NB Book Club—the only book club around for which no one has to read anything! Ta-ta.

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