Thank you, Golden Girls.

Thank you, golden ladies, for taking time out of your busy schedules to sign copies of the "Golden Girls" third season DVD today at the Barnes and Noble in Chelsea. We had an intrepid, drunk reporter there who took these fantastic shots (well, you wouldn't expect us to send anyone INTO a crowd, would you?).

Thank you, ladies, for showing us what true star quality is! Go ahead—have some turkey on us. With a li'l cheesecake on the side. Regards to Coco!


Michael said...

What? No shots of Bea slugging Betty?

Michelle said...

I was in the crowd --and I can honestly say that dedicated Golden Girls fans are some of the wierdest people I've ever seen. There was even a weeping, probably gay, possibly mentally ill, nerd with severe acne who caused a ruckus when he found out that he wouldn't be allowed to pose for a picture with Rue Mclanahan. Rue, however, waived the rules and consented to a photo in order to calm her distraught admirer, drawing applause from the crowd.