The NB Book Club #2.

Good morning. Welcome to our second installment of our popular Book Club. Today's selection is one that we think you will thoroughly enjoy. We'll go so far as to say it may even change some of your lives.

Now, normally we do not feature items about Paris Hilton here because a)everyone else does and b)she doesn't do anything except show up places, sometimes naked and with a penis in her mouth. However, today's book came to us in the mail and just begged to be featured. You may be thinking to yourselves, I've already read and discussed Confessions of an Heiress with one of my other book clubs. That may be true, but have no fear—we are not covering Confessions of an Heiress today. Today, we are going to break apart and discover the very heart and soul of Paris Hilton's second book, which hit stores this week,...

Your Heiress Diary: Confess It All to Me.

Your Heiress Diary : Confess It All to Me

Well, it's not so much a second book as it is a companion piece to Confessions. And it's not so much a book as it is a blank journal with various Hiltonia scattered throughout. But we think you'll enjoy it just the same. It already has one out of five stars on Amazon! What Your Heiress Diary is is...well...let's let the press release do the splainin'...
Your Heiress Diary gives [Paris Hilton's] many fans a special opportunity to channel their own inner heiresses and record their thoughts, passions, picks and pans as Paris shows them how to get the most fun and excitement our of every single day.

"Channel your Inner Heiress like I do on these pages," Paris writes in her introduction. "Let me be your guide through your own daily Heiress Life and show you how to get the most fun and excitement out of every single day."
While we kind of think Paris meant to write "Chanel your Inner Heiress...," we have no doubt that she's going to show us how to get the most fun and excitement out of every single day. And, today we're going to share that excitement with all of you! And, for those of you who have your doubts about discussing a blank diary in a book club, we can point you in the direction of an all Austen- or Bronte-related club, but do you really want to go back to school?

So, today, sit back and enjoy Paris Hilton's Your Heiress Diary. And, have no fear, we have no idea how to use a scanner (we're very vintage, you know), so none of the 3,521 pictures of Paris in designer dresses and minks and ermine and shoes and bikinis will accompany these posts. It will all be very generic, just as you'd expect from us.

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