Prisoner of love.

Humor us as we get a li'l bit dorky for a moment won't you?

Besides "Degrassi," "Twin Peaks," "The Office" and "Strangers with Candy," one of our most favoritest TV shows ever is most definitely "The Prisoner." This 1967, 17-episode series concerns a spy who resigns from...yes...spying only to mysteriously end up in a place called The Village, where he is given the name Number Six and held captive from the real world for no given reason. If he tries to escape, he is retrieved by a giant white bouncey ball called Rover, which you may recognize from a 2000 episode of "The Simpsons," on which Homer wakes up in a mysterious village only to be chased by a giant white ball and gassed by such animals as a koala and flamingo.

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We've always thought the series, which, admittedly, kind of fell apart at the end, would be fantastic to update with a more sinister and paranoid tone. Apparently, it's going to be done with help from England's Sky One, to which we say, Huzzah! And to which we also say, Please don't fuck it up, mum. Cheerio. As you were.

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