Your Heiress Diary #4.

Page 82 of So You Want to Be an Heiress has this, in curly-swirly writing: "Here's a place to sketch your favorite hairstyles or put pictures of styles you like or might want to try yourself." All right.

Isn't that wonderful? We're dying to try it out. Maybe later. After we go swimming.

Speaking of swimming, on the opposite page of the diary, Paris says, "If you swim during the day, braid your hair. When you take it out it will look all crimped and cute."

We had intern Lik-Bahn Thuy try it out, and just look at the results!

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Marvelous! Not exactly crimped but kind of cute. And she found the headband in the water! Lik-Bahn says, "Sometimes when you swim, braid hair and get headband!" Eh? We're not exactly working with nothing here, Paris. We have our own heiresses. Well, mail-order servants, but still. They can swim.

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