Theatrical dilemma.

So, here's something:

Next spring, a revival of Richard Greenberg's Three Days of Rain will be produced on the street of dreams, Broadway. It was announced a while back that the revival would star Julia Roberts, which instantly made us –4,000,000% interested in hearing anything more about the show.

Howevah, it has now been announced that Roberts will be joined onstage by a one Mr. Paul Rudd and a one Mr. Bradley Cooper. Gadzooks! Now what do we do? As far as we know, the show is not about the gay, so we can't anticipate any Rudd-on-Cooper action or vice versa. But still. Rudd und Cooper? That's really too much to handle.

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So, the question is does a Rudd-Cooper combo cancel out the singular force of awfulness that is Julia Roberts? And, if it does, who will pay for the $3,429 ticket? And if not now, when?

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