The NB gives thanks.

First of all, we apologize profusely for leaving the "Name Martha's pussy" post as the top post for so long. We had planned to update following said post, but we did not.

Second of all, today, in honor of Thanksgiving and the gale force winds pummeling NYC right now, we're going to let you know what we give thanks for. Not that you asked, of course. For any of this. Alas, we find nothing more rewarding than thanking those who make our lives just a little bit more...well...hopeful. If you have a blog (and who doesn't!), why not join in the festivities and let us know what you're thankful for? Or you can just text us at 1-800-IDOLS-01. The phone lines will open in an hour, and the calls are free. We'd like to thank our friends at Sprint for making this exciting service possible.

Anyway, the first person we'd like to thank, is YOU. You have made the NB the sub-marginal success that it is. Without you, we'd be off the radar completely, much like John-John's doomed Cessna. So, thank you. We appreciate your middling support and below-average attention span. Have some turkey on us, would you? De-licious!

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Anonymous said...

No, no, Nervous Breakdown, thank YOU.