Your Heiress Diary #2.

Pages 94–95 feature, in that same enormous curly-swirly writing, "Being an Heiress Is a Matter of Taste." The first thing that struck us about this line is that all the capitalization is correct, which is pretty monumental. The second thing that struck us is...well...there's no second thing. But, anyway, it's true. Having only perused this diary for about 3 minutes, we know that being an Heiress is absolutely a matter of taste, whatever that means.

Taking up most of the rest of the pages is a picture of Paris standing next to some kind of sculpture of a lion with "THAT'S Hot!" written on it in what looks like pink icing. Whatever. To the left of this pic is another Paris tenet:

"If you feel like you're saying 'That's hot!' too much, then switch to 'That's sexy!'"

All right, Paris. That's sexy! That's sexy! That's sexy! Shit. Now what do we do? Paris? Um...OK. Anyway, we hope you're enjoying this sexy conceptual tour through Your a Heiress (we forgot the real title already). Oh, there's really no room on these pages to write anything, so, you know, just chill.

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