America's Next Top Teleconference.

Folks, we have some homework for you. Believe it or not, we are scheduled to be part of an "America's Next Top Model" teleconference tomorrow night with noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker, ANTM fashion shoot director Jay Manuel and ANTM executive producer Ken Mok. So, if you have any questions for Nigel, please email them to us or post them in the "comments" section. And if you have any questions for Jay or Ken Mok, please make sure they can be answered by Nigel. We will do our best to get hot responses to your hot questions. So far we only have, "Nigel, why are you so hot?" so we clearly need your help. K?


C ya tomorrows!

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Cella Bella said...

Dear NB, Please ask the following questions. Great.

1. Nigel, seeing as you are a noted fashion photographer, can we see some naked pictures of you?

2. Nigel, you have been with ANTM since the beginning. In your opinion, which of the winning models is most likely to give us some naked pictures of you?

3. Nigel, when you stand too close to Jay Manuel, would you describe him as emanating the heat from a thousand suns? Or is it more like a pulsating radiation one might expect find in Chernobyl?
...The man is very orange, is what we're saying.
...We suspect he tans.

4. Nigel, this is a two part question. First, can we call you Nyge? Great, thanks. Secondly, do you miss Janice as much as we do and can she provide us with naked pictures of you? Oh, was that three questions? Oops! Sorry! Guess you'll have to take your shirt off.