Nigel bytes.

Well, tonight's the night we talk to "America's Next Top Model"'s Nigel Barker and two other people. It's your last chance to get your questions in. So far we have...

"Nigel, what are you wearing?"

"Nigel, how many times will you be shirtless in the upcoming cycle?"

"Nigel, may we see your ass?"

"Nigel, when are you going to ignore her and start paying attention to me?"

"Nigel, do you think I was kidding when I said I needed you to get milk on the way home?"

"Nigel, do I look amused?"

"Nigel, are you or are you not 100% in love with me and only me?"


"Nigel, please don't leave. Oh, sorry. Nigel, will you please not leave?"

Folks, if you've anything to add, time's a-tickin'! We'll be back tomorrow hopefully with answers to these, and all sorts of other, scintillating queries.


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