You've got the VD!

Happy Valentine's Day! To celebrate our most favoritest of all holidays, we've planned absolutely nothing (those interns are just fascinated by the snow, though it's becoming clearer and clearer that they may just be drinking it—as if we don't provide water!). So... why not kick off your day of love with a whole page of interactive VD fun brought to you by HELLO! magazine. We've already taken the "Discover your celebrity date" quiz and are proud to reveal that we'll be spending the evening romancing none other than...

Enrique Iglesias! Be still our corazons! Thank god we live right around the corner from a Taco Bell.

We'll be back with more VD fun as soon as we can get a proper headcount of the interns. Oh, Jesus. It looks like Mystyslaw had some bad snow. BRB.

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