Working model.

So, first of all, we have a highly fulfilling ANTM tête-a-tête with Zach only to be "tagged" by him to participate in a meme wherein we reveal personal facts in groups of fours. Now, and this is the truth, we loathe a poor sport. Honestly, we do. But these questionnaires just aren't our thing. And we couldn't possibly tag four other people, either, mostly because we don't even know four other people. Alas, we will happily acknowledge being tagged, but we will politely decline to participate. If someone else would like to take our place, go for it.

Anyway, the aforementioned ANTM dialogue has totally exhausted us, so we're calling it a day. Enjoy the long weekend. We'll be back Tuesday with all-new week-old crap. In the meantime, we got us a cartoonist to find!


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if i have to do it against my will, so do you.