Mollie Sue.

Mollie Sue, 25, waitress, Tampa

TEFY: Didn't I predict last year that sooner or later Lara Flynn Boyle was going to don a red wig and somehow finagle her way onto this show like she does on every other show? I didn't? I meant to. And I was right. Also, there is no way Filet Mignon has ever touched her lips. Look at her in the group picture!

The NB: Mollie Sue??? Oy. People with two names can never be trusted, nor can people from Florida. She'll either end up winning the whole thing or killing a German family at a rest stop just outside Apalachicola. Either way, Charlize Theron will eventually end up playing her.

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Anonymous said...

Multiple names gives people an advantage to remember who you are. Out of all the names of the girls on the past or current shows, who will you remember the most by their name? So think about.

Also, if you look up Mollie Sue on Google you find thee Mollie Sue. Try looking up your own single first name on the internet and see if you can find yourself.