Here's the Songtapper. It's a site where you can tap the rhythm of a song, and it'll name that tune for you. Sort of like the music version of Google Earth: completely useless but intriguing nonetheless. We tested it with these three songs:

1) "Be My Baby" by the Ronettes
2) "Panic" by the Smiths
3) "Like a Prayer" by Madonna

The results, please...

1) No luck with "Be My Baby," but apparently "Be My Baby" wasn't even in the database. Being that we're probably the only user over fourteen-and-a-half, we added it should anyone else want to tap one of the best pop songs ever written.

2) "Panic" we had more luck with. However, according to the Songtapper, only one Smith is responsible for it.

3) Finally, Mr. Songtappers did recognize "Like a Prayer." Once again, though, in le monde du Songtapper, this tune is called, more sleekly and sexily, "Prayer."

Most importantly, if we tap "who the hell is Geoff Peters," will an answer be provided?

Geoff Peters Trio - Free Jazz MP3 Download

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