OK. Our good friend gijyun just revealed that...

last night i googled something like "project runway daniel v. collection" or something like that. your page was the last link on the first page. just, you know, fyi.

Wow. Um. Well. First, we'd like to thank the Internet for making it possible for a small boy from basically nowhere to come to the big city, hire some foreigners on the sly and create a fledgling but obviously influential empire. We'd like to thank our parents, of course. All 12 of them. Um. Oh, gosh. We really didn't expect this. Um. OK. Our agent and manager, thank you, thank you, thank you. Let's see. Oh, gosh gosh gosh. Um. Blogger.com, you're our rock. Don't ever change. The World Wide Web, we love you totally. You really make each day worth living. Um. Wait! Don't start playing! Don't start playing! Um...Renee Weisband, where would be without you? Prussian Blue, same goes for you. And Anthony Federov! How could we forget?!? You were the post that really put us on the tween map. OK, OK. So, um, a homeless man once told us, "It's not your dreams that die, it's your liver," and he couldn't have been more correct. Again, thank you SO MUCH.

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