Armed and fabulous.

Who said these wonderful things regarding "Project Runway"?

"When I think back about Daniel Vosovic, for instance, I find it hard to remember most of what he did for the first half of the show. The first time he really comes into the spotlight is with the lingerie challenge, and frankly, I thought that stuff was dull/normal. I don’t even remember what Daniel did for the next several challenges."

"I’ll use Daniel Franco as an example. Lord, this past week I have found out I’ve developed an allergy to the guy. There was no way he was going to stay the course of season two. Absolutely no way. He doesn’t understand a deadline. He is incredibly annoying to be around."

"The other person from season two who I was not only perfectly happy to see go, I would have arranged for a car service to get her out of there, was Zulema. Oh, my God."

Why, it's the always enthralling and impeccably dressed...

Tim Gunn!

(And here's part two!)

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