Part of the Dano Day festivities.

It goes without saying that our Lin is an arbiter of style.

According to Lin, here are two things everyone should have in her (a guess—it's not specified) wardrobe:
1) a white tailored cotton shirt
2) and the perfect (make sure it fits!) black or at least dark simple, simple dress, sleeveless

And here are three articles of makeup that Lin highly recommends:
1)Dual-Finish Powder by Lancome
2) Lipstick
3) Mascara, and if you are very lucky, you have someone to put it on you every day (smile)

And, finally, from Lin's own Web site, her "Scene on the Street," though it's not quite clear what street or even what year. However, as NB is a stickler for the details, the complete title of Legally Blonde 2 is much appreciated:

In fashion we're all very influenced by what we see in magazines, television and the movies. This summer we will see a real trend back to the fashions of the 40's. Pink suits, pillbox hats and prim white gloves are featured in both Down With Love and Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde.

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