In the clearing stands a Boxer.

While all the other Democrats, including my own Senators Schumer and Clinton (I'm still waiting for a response to my letter regarding your endorsement of the Iraq resolution, Hill. That was the one in which I said I was leaving the Demcratic party until y'all started 'splainin' just what the hell y'all were thinking. Needless to say, I grow more and more Independent each day.) roll over and let Americans' rights be crushed like little, insignificant bugs, Barbara Boxer actually tries to fight for what those who elected her believe in. Of course, because the Democrats now control no branches of government, it's an utterly losing battle, but it would be nice if one other Democratic senator helped the woman. Shame on you all.

Remember 9/11? The 2000 and 2004 election days were bigger travesties. But when something abstract dies, it doesn't have a shelf life, as there are no tragic images to be replayed over and over. That ONE person of 75 ELECTED officials realizes the consequences of those elections is completely horrifying and depressing. At least it's not 0 people. I guess.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming of mindless commentary. It's just so much easier.

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